Ovarian Cancer Signs And Warnings You Should Know

Ovarian Cancer Signs And Warnings You Should Know

Introduction Of Ovarian Cancer Signs And Warnings You Should Know

Ovarian Cancer Signs And Warnings You Should Know. Warning signs of ovarian cancer of all types is a deadly disease that takes many lives every year and in many cases, early detection is the key to a successful cure but how do you deal with a disaster that is hard to detect from regular screening routines the answer is knowing the warning signs and in today’s article.

We will go through the apparent warning signs you should watch out for ovarian cancer is one of the three most common gynecological cancers along with uterine and cervical cancer but among the three it is the cancer of the ovaries that causes more deaths in the united states the problem with ovarian cancer is that it is not easily detected by routine examinations of the female reproductive system.

However, if you experience these early warning signs it is best to consult with a doctor to rule out the serious disease following are the 10 warning signs of ovarian cancer.

1- Bloating bloating can be a normal part of your menstrual cycle and can be a common occurrence after eating a large heavy meal however if your bloating is persistent and unexplained it could be an early warning sign of ovarian cancer.

2- Pelvic pain women who often experience menstrual cramps can easily ignore pelvic pain but if the pain lasts beyond your period or if it feels different for example if it is located at one side only or if it is more painful than usual it is a good idea to have it checked out.

3- Three satiety many women with ovarian cancer report feeling full very quickly even when they’ve barely eaten this could be due to inflammation in the pelvic area no matter the reason this causes some trouble eating which could eventually lead to malnutrition.

4- Abdominal fluid accumulation of fluid in the abdomen is a common symptom of ovarian cancer and unfortunately it is a sign that the disease has already progressed to advanced levels sometimes this fluid can also push into the lungs and cause some trouble breathing.

5- Weight fluctuations ovarian cancer can cause weight fluctuations in different ways many women experience fasting and unintended weight loss this often occurs as a result of having trouble eating however some women also experience weight gain mostly due to fluid accumulation in the abdomen.

6- Frequent urination cancer in the ovaries can quickly spread and affect the pelvis when that happens the ureters that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder become blocked which affects your urine output which leads you to visit the bathroom more often.

7- Seven changes in bowel habits when you have ovarian cancer changes in your bowel habits are likely some experience mild to moderate constipation while others suffer from diarrhea additionally if you notice that your stools are narrower you might have a tumor that presses on your bowel.

8- Pain during intercourse any discomfort or pain during love is something you should bring up with your doctor immediately it can be a sign of many serious health conditions including ovarian cancer women often describe it as similar to menstrual pain but it is most commonly localized to one side.

9– Nine back pain ovarian cancer can cause different types of back pain most often the pain is felt around the lower back area or even around the flank region when you have unexplained back pain that lasts longer than a few days make sure you consult with a medical professional right away.

10- Fatigue is such a common symptom that most people dismiss it is caused by stress or lack of time to rest however if you feel exhausted and you do not feel better after getting restful sleep it could be a sign that cancer cells are using up your energy as they prey on your healthy cells these 10 warning signs of ovarian cancer shouldn’t be ignored early detection of cancer gives you access to varied and more effective treatment options.

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