Secrets Benefits Of Vitamin B12 You Can’t Ignore

Secrets Benefits Of Vitamin B12 You Can’t Ignore

Introduction Of Secrets Benefits Of Vitamin B12 You Can’t Ignore

Secrets Benefits Of Vitamin B12 You Can’t Ignore. Benefits of vitamin b12 you can’t ignore do you know what vitamin b12 is and what it does for your body in this article you will learn about vitamin b12 and why it is crucial to your health watch now to learn about 10 reasons why you need plenty of vitamin b12 vitamin b12 also known as cobalamin is not among.

The most popular vitamins people supplement but it is a critical nutrient that the body needs to form DNA and keep the nerves and blood cells healthy although it can be found in certain foods supplementing with vitamin b12 might prove beneficial because it is something that the body needs but cannot produce naturally following are 10 reasons why you need vitamin b12.

Some B12 Benefits Points

1- Prevents anemia a vitamin b12 deficiency can keep your body from producing healthy red blood cells in turn oxygen can’t circulate efficiently to support proper organ function you will feel weak nauseous and experience nerve issues until your levels of vitamin b12 return to normal.

2- Boosts energy cobalamin is generally considered an excellent supplement for an energy boost although it does not create the energy it gives you the feeling of having an energy surge because of better oxygen circulation within your body plus it reverses fatigue and weakness commonly associated with a vitamin b12 deficiency.

3- Reduced risk for stroke according to a Biomed research international study in 2017 vitamin b12 reduces your risk for ischemic strokes it does so by lowering levels of homocysteine in the body keeping homocysteine regulated also helps improve overall heart health.

4- Enhances cognitive function lower homocysteine caused by an increased intake of vitamin b12 also affects brain health in a study published by the American Journal of Alzheimer’s disease in 2016 researchers noted that cobalamin intake improved patients performance with some cognitive decline the research also noted that the effects were even more impressive when vitamin b12 supplementation was enhanced with omega-3 intake.

5- Promotes good eye health vitamin b-12’s effect on homocysteine levels also offer significant benefits to your eye health homocysteine is the amino acid that’s generally associated with macular degeneration that comes with age in a study published by the archives of internal medicine supplementing with vitamin b12 was proven to reduce the risk of macular degeneration positively the best results were achieved by supplementing not just with vitamin b12 but also with vitamins b6 and b9.

6- Improves bone health through a study published by the journal of bone and mineral research in 2005 researchers found that vitamin b12 significantly affects bone density in the study both males and females exhibited significant bone mineral density differences when consuming higher concentrations of cobalamin as such scientists note that vitamin b12 can play a significant role in preventing osteoporosis.

7- Helps regulate mood higher energy levels and less fatigue help improve your mood but more than that vitamin b12 is an effective enough mood enhancer to improve symptoms of depression in fact in a study published by the open neurology journal patients who took vitamin b12 along with their antidepressants experienced more significant improvements in depression symptoms compared to those who took antidepressants alone that means it can be an incredibly beneficial addition to any treatment plan for severe depressive disorders.

8- Addresses skin concerns in a study review published by the American Journal of clinical dermatology in 2015 researchers noted the effects of vitamin b12 deficiency on the skin lacking cobalamin leads to various dermatological issues including atopic dermatitis vitiligo acne and hyperpigmentation however it is important to note that excessive vitamin b12 supplementation can also cause severe skin issues so it is essential to keep the right balance.

9- Promotes healthy hair and nails vitamin b12 affects not just your skin but also your hair and nails a cobalamin deficiency can affect your hair and skin health you can experience dry or falling hair as well as brittle nails vitamin b12 supplementation can help address all that although it might take some time to notice visible results 10 prevents birth defects a lack of vitamin b12 makes women more likely to miscarry a study published by Pediatrics in 2009.

Showed that pregnant women who suffered from cobalamin deficiencies or thrice more likely to give birth to babies with congenital disabilities than those who had sufficient vitamin b12 throughout their pregnancy diet is the best way to maintain ample levels of cobalamin in your body among the most beneficial foods are fatty fish nuts red meat poultry and dairy however if you suspect that you’re still deficient despite adding cobalamin rich foods to your diet it is also safe and effective to take vitamin b12 in supplement form.

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